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Unless someone on here has a crystal ball then you're neither right nor wrong. This is one of the most crucial concepts to understand as a trader, because if you believe you're right at any stage then at some stage you're likely to believe that you're wrong and as soon as you start believing that you're wrong you're likely to strategy hop rather than tweak and fine tune whatever strategy you use and strategy hopping is one of the main reasons why most traders never break through to consistency, when if they'd just stayed neutral and believed that they were neither right nor wrong they'd likely have tweaked and fine tuned their strategy and changed their lives via the profit they'd make beyond anything they initially perceived to be possible. I strongly suggest reading or listening to 'Trading In The Zone' via Audible as many times as possible to truly understand this concept which if applied with patience will eventually change your life. ✌🏻
i said it when was 6$ now is 12'640$