Is Ethereum Preparing To Move To $225 Or Even Higher?

BITMEX:ETHUSD   Contrato de futuros perpetuo ETHUSD
The chart for Ethereum ( ETHUSD ) looks like a move to the upside is about to happen.

Right now ETHUSD is trading above resistance and momentum is starting to build up. If additional buyers/bots continue to jump in, we are likely to see a strong move.

Here we see the same signals I always look for that are present on the chart above:

  • Bullish indicators ( MACD and RSI ).
  • Trading above EMA10 and other moving average indicators.
  • Volume growing in favor of the bulls.
  • Market sentiment feeling bullish .

These signals are telling me that ETHUSD can move up but... Remember...

Conditions for change
If ETHUSD moves below the first blue line or $188.80, the bullish potential of this setup is reduced.

If ETHUSD closes below $182 with a bearish candle, then lower support levels are going to be tested.

Right now Ethereum ( ETHUSD ) is bullish and aiming higher... My target is higher than $225 on higher timeframes... We will see how it goes.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Nice job! We're bullish long term. Here's our current status
Short Answer: NO. Long Answer: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. ETH is getting supports and transforming them into resistances. the 235$ is untouchable. The same as 190ish where there is insta-sell the moment it gets there.
My prediction is a slow decline until 150$ or even lower.
I think we should go a little bit lower
+1 Responder
p. s fib levels saying last buying for next impulse is at 9350. trains leaving guys, see you all at the final stop of 21k
sell orders at 11200 the 13k for btc. enjoys guys
ok so just had a good look at charts. i forecast doubles tops with a rebuy around xmas or the 8800 area for btc. eth follows btc so just putting some money into it will return good gains for 2020.
it will indeed. at first glace with out even pressing play on the chart i can see rising wedge withing a falling wedge playing out ; )
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alanmasters stitchem88
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