Hi all,

Welcome to my new EOS analysis. I hope you guys enjoy it.

If BTC follows, in the following days we could see a rally up from EOS that could lead us to new highs (on future contract). Check please my analysis with Elliot Waves.

In the picture you will be able to see the stops and the targets i am aiming to achieve, the reason of the far stop loss is that EOS has ups and downs that does not reflect the real direction of the trend, i am expecting a lot of volatility /manipulation on the following days, that's why i am puting the stop that far.

**Please, take this strategy as an idea and trade by your own, this is NOT finacial advice**

Hope you enjoy it,

Happy trading and kind regards,

Operación activa: Hi all,

Respecting the trend on a daily basis for the moment, it seems bullish in my point of view.

I stacked more longs on this one because it is looking to rebounce from the trend line.

Keep the trade open if you traded it.

**This is not financial advise**

Best regards and good luck to everyone,