DJI... big move incoming

DJCFD:DJI   Índice promedio industrial Dow Jones
Hey, not much to say.
I wrote this in spanish, but isn't not rocket science to understand the graph :P
Speaks by itself.

Let's comment!


can u share your indicator script?
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BiO-618 onepulse
@onepulse, yea sure, those are on my profile :)
onepulse BiO-618
@BiO-618, ok Thx
Interesting perspective i propose if this 3.618 we will head to the next 3.618.
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adiocity adiocity
@adiocity, if this 3.618 holds*, otherwise i like a retrace back to the 1.618 / 2.618 convergence
BiO-618 adiocity
@adiocity, for sure!
I don't expect the market to turn down right right now, but it clearly give signals of exhaustation.
All depends on the Quantitative Ease (QE) from the FED Reverse, since they dump that new printed money into Share rebuying... kinda scammy.

Good point @adiocity

@BiO-618, I have to agree with you. If they don't print more money the party stops. German economy in bad shape as a result of trade war between US and china EU most certainly going to be printing money until Germany retools and Trump intent on driving down interest rates in US to encourage yet more speculation. I think whilst we are late cycle the party isn't over yet. I'm betting it will be shortly after Trump gets re-elected as he will have used all his fire power to- well to get back in power! I could be wrong but your chart looks compelling.

Thanks & regards!
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Something happened with COVID panic :P