Bitcoin expectations in the medium term. Ethereum in line of foc

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We are at an important point that could decide if BTC 1.57% sinks even more, up to $ 4300 as a minimum, or hit a spurt up to $ 7600, that break could burst the market upward.

You can see the triangle in red. This is a continuation of the trend that, according to the theory, commonly breaks up.

With a stochastic process label, the rebound should occur at $ 6000 or on the same line around $ 5850. In the weekly is in oversold area and marking rise, in the newspaper falling but entering and oversold area in minorities is overbought, in conclusion, there should be a last fall to $ 6000 -5850 and give a rebound followed from a very good rally to the upside that could take the price to the top of the triangle for the $ 7600 and ... then the situation would change, the possibility of breaking up that would exist and reach this point could burst the upward market.

If the rebound occurred from $ 5850, a double-floor formation could occur if it later exceeded $ 6850, which would easily boost those $ 7600. But for this to happen, we have to overcome many obstacles like the EMA50 (fast moving average) of the daily chart precisely at $ 6830 at this time and that could prevent both that double-ground formation from being completed as well as any ascension attempt.

To finish, say that if in the lower part of this triangle there is a break down, the fall could bring the price up to $ 4300. We still wait for news because the market is changing and we must take into account the commercial war and the system that is applied.
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