Pattern of ema 24 crossing ema 200 (golden cross) in bitcoin

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We can see a pattern during the crosses of the ema 24 over the ema 2000 during the last 8 - 9 years at bitcoin . As the price-auction in bitcoin is relatively small the confirmation of the pattern is difficult to confirm. As you can observe over the last 9 years we had 10 crosses. December 11 of 2011 ( As I don't have previous data I can't say wath it is), March 14 of 2012 (first cross and fake out), April 16 of 2012 ( second cross and fake out), May 19 of 2012 (third cross, and bull run), May 30 of 2014 (first cross and fake out), July 21 of 2015 (second cross and fake out) October 25 of 2015 ( third cross and bull run of 2017), February 14 of 2018 ( first cross, in some charts we didn't crossed), May 3 of 2018 (second or first cross, fake out) and April 14 of 2019 (second or third cross).

Every two crosses following a bull run will be fakes. The purpose of these crosses are to cool off the ema 200 and the ma 200. Both indicators have importance in crypto as they indicate the cycle between the bear and the bull market. If the ma 200 is over the ema 200 it is bearish but if the ema 200 is over the ma 200 we have there a bullish signal. As boths are hyperbolic you need to reach an equilibrium between the phases that is what the crossing pattern of the ema 24 over the ema 200 shows. To reach the equilibrium from the previous bull market the ema 24 needs to cross over the ema 200 twice before a new cross to start the bull cycle. And the bear market is followed by then two (dead cross) crossing of the ema 24 under the ema 200. During the last bear market these occured twice: March 25 of 2018 ( btc price was 8400$) and May 17 of 2018 ( btc price was 7900$).

It is possible because of the extension of the bull market the bear market this time will have 3 fake out. One reason is maybe the cross of february 14 of 2018 that is not showed in every charts.

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