$BTC/USD Moon Trading Technical Analysis 26.09.2021

$BTC 1D chart

RSI looks ready to pump in the following days! We don’t have a buy signal again (yet) but if you took an entry with me in the Full Moon (as Moon Trading strategy suggests) you are in profits, and you will be even much more 🚀✨🌕).

However, tomorrow begins a period of 19 days of Mercury Retrograde, being this planet the ruler of trading, market transactions, selling/buying, the mind, communications, technology among many other things, so this retrograde phase usually make things to get a little bit tricky during this period.

Doing a historical research of previous periods I found volatility gets crazy and volumes are below the average, people it seems are withdrawn during these days, making the market a challenging one.

If you didn’t take an entry with Moon Trading, be very careful and double check with several indicators before taking a middle/long term position, and keep a tight eye on possible catalysts. Also, weekends is when whales go to the mall and then to the beach, so the market gets weird, sometimes but not always, not following the previous and obvious trend.

Scalping is always great but don’t chase your trade, you better find a true potential scenario on higher time frames and you take advantage of it in smaller time frames. Otherwise, today it seems to be a day where many SL will be triggered if not careful.

This is not financial advice but for educational purposes only. Always do your own diligent research. And very important, don’t put your money where you don’t understand, you won’t miss a thing by being careful and having the proper knowledge before taking a trade.

May you have an amazing day full of peace and in great great profits!

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