BITCOIN BOTTOM AT $25K (Q3 2022) AND TOP AT $250K (Q1 2023)

The Intersection point between the upper logarithmic regression band, the 21 exponential moving average multiplied by 5 and the logarithmic 2.35 Fibonacci level, obtained with the top to bottom of each cycle, has always marked the top of the next cycle. Also, in each peak, there is a touch of the decending trend line on the monthly RSI. The intersection point is at $250k for February-March 2023. Also the In each bottom, bitcoin retraced 89% of the distance from its previous cycle peak to its last peak, touched the exponential moving average of 61 months and the 45 level on the monthly RSI . The bull run will resume most likely in Q4 2022, Octorber and will last until Q1 2023, March.

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