Sawada Masu Moving Average

The Sawada Masu Moving Average is a filtering technique invented by the japan engineer Sawada Masu with the help of the french trader Alex pierrefeu. This filter have 2 input, a lenght input, who modify the sensibility of the filter to market movement, and a alpha input who just smooth the filter.

The recommended inputs are : a length of 90 and a alpha of 50 for short period, a length of 140 or 200 and a alpha of 90 or 140 for medium period, and a length of 300 and a alpha of 90 for long terms.But feel free to experiment others configurations.

This moving average can be really interesting using it in collaboration with others indicators such another moving average

Hope you enjoy and have a good trades !

I apologize for orthographics or grammar error,i'm from japan and my english is really limited

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Hi there,

I've been looking for some nice filters, and this looks great. May I have access please, or information on how to get access?

Thank you
alexgrover overttherainbow
+1 Responder
looks very interesting but locked :)
Please grant me access!! Thanks!
hi, nice indi, please grant me to try it, thanks!
Hi! This look's interesting. Could you please grant me access.
Thank you.
alexgrover Technokid22
@Technokid22, done :D
access please and thank you very much.
alexgrover Elliott Moore
@Elliott Moore, done ;)
Hi, could I please get access? Thank you.
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