Multi-MTF Bollinger Bands

Multi-Multiple Time Frame Bollinger Bands

  • 1 hourly (basis, 3σ)
  • 4 hourly (basis, 1, 2, 3σ)
  • Daily (basis, 1, 2, 3σ)
  • Weekly (basis, 1, 2, 3σ)
  • Monthly (basis, 1, 2, 3σ)
  • Yearly (basis, 1, 2, 3σ) *Disabled by default

Display labels and cross marks.
You can hide each one separately.

This indicator is a renewal of the following indicator.
Notas de prensa:
  • Added 5 and 15 minute timeframes.
  • Fixed misalignment on labels other than 24-7 Markets.
  • Added “Show Basys?” Option.
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Hello, do you have a simple description how to properly use it?
genkir genkir
and thanks for the script...
kai-den genkir
@genkir, I am sorry that there are too few explanations.
Basic usage is the same as general Bollinger bands.
I assume this indicator is used as support and resistance and the chart resolution is shorter than 1 hour.
For example, if you are viewing a 15 minute chart and touch these lines, there is probably a reaction. On the other hand, if the reaction is weak, it may move in the same direction. Since each market is different, please look at past charts to understand the characteristics of the market.
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