Moving Average Ribbon Master Strategy

The following features available in this strategy are listed below. To access, please visit the website in the signature area of this posting.


  • Robust, fast, trading system
  • Multiple time frame (MTF) aspects built in everywhere into the strategy
  • Combines swing, scalp, greedy, volatile trading mechanisms
  • Works on intraday day time frames as well as Daily and Weekly
  • Trade sizing, targets, and stops are shown as new trades form and existing trades develop
  • Alerts warn the trader on all aspects of the trade evolution
  • Alerts are ready to be used for complete lifecycle automated trading


  • Combining EMAs on a higher time frame than the chart time frame is key
  • Trade conditions are met on a lower time frame that agree with the EMA ribbon direction


  • With the right EMA settings, it is "hard" to generate trades.
  • The trade direction can easily shift
  • Successful trade entry triggers require a strong trend
  • While the EMA trend is positive, longs are taken on pullbacks, opposite for shorts
  • A basic learning algorithm is used to create a stop behind the trades
  • Learns over time the best stop offset from the price based on volatility


  • Swings and scalps are treated differently.
  • Swings are the very first trade taken upon a directional shift. This is similar to the DIVINE series trading strategies
  • Swings are held until stopped out, Scalps always have a target based on the current volatility of the ticker and multiplier
  • Both swings and scalps start out in the "building" or "forming" phase.
  • A building phase is triggered when all criteria are met to form a long or short
  • Both trade types are executed as a market long or short when the ATR execution sensitivity reverses
  • The current ATR direction can be seen by the colored bars.


  • Conservative
  • Aggressive
  • Greedy
  • Volatile


  • Contract/Unit
  • VIX Multiplier
  • Percent of Equity
  • Percent Risk


  • Historical trades show the price target of a scalp and the number of ticks of profit in parenthesis
  • New trades show all of the extra information surrounding the trade. This can be turned on to show the same information for past trades, but is left off to reduce clutter
  • Go over trade information categories one-by-one
  • Recent historical trades have a tooltip loaded to hover over and see the hidden information
  • Scalp trade is filled the numbered scalp icon shows as a (N)


  • Longs and shorts can only receive an execution signal when the ticker is within one of three session options provided


  • Last 3 sizing types show the quantity required to enter the trade to meet the parameters
  • Percent risk automatically adjusts the quantity to meet the risk criteria given the account equity, per trade
  • The account currency can be changed with will update the quantities automatically
  • Tick Unit and Value can also be changed if they are not accurate


  • Alerts for entire trade lifecycle
  • Full automated trading ready
Notas de prensa:
  • Added "Trend MA" that is a higher EMA length. This trend MA is defaulted as a green/red MA. Its color changes when the slow MA crosses the trend MA.
  • Fixed session algorithms.
  • Updated projected ribbons.
  • Updated value formatting for labels.
  • Improved long/short algorithm.
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Hi could you please grant me access to this script
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