Function - Probability Chebyshev Inequality

function to calculate Chebyshev Inequality. wich can be used to compute the probability that we will diverge from what we expect to obtain.

- https://www.omnicalculator.com/statistic...
- https://github.com/antoniocruces/microsi...
- https://statisticstopics.wordpress.com/2...
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chebyshev%...
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Im going to divert from the usual proclamation of greatness that you are accustomed to bc lets face it, that only goes so far and someone like yourself is probably callused to it by now. So lets get down to the meat and potatoes of it all…Id like to present to the prince (a coding vet) a problem that MIGHT only be seen by the paupers (a COMPLETE novice in the field). So please, take no disrespect from this as I fully recognize Im talking to one of “The Greats” as justly seen as so in my eyes. Id like to think (though Im sure we all do) that my scripts and general thought process when first constructing ideas for a script is in a way unique compared to many other scripts I see. This slight “uniqueness” in thought, I believe, derives from not being properly taught coding of any sort thus also not being confined by the limitations that sometimes come with being properly taught ANY subject (if that makes any sense). Its like golf, as a kid I was very good (compared to other kids my age at least) all until I took lessons and was taught the “proper” way to go about it all. My scoring steadily rose (got worse) for a long time before I got better. This comes as a double edged sword (again…in MY particular case) bc my biggest limitation (as of now) is not fully understanding everything that is possible with coding (as far as whats probable/possible for a beginner to create) as the application of many ideas are limited to how Ive seen them used by others. A lot of your newer content has little to NO application alongside the ideas. Obviously there was reasoning behind why you chose to publish that particular topic. Reading that or even just a few other spitball/fun ideas to run with to apply the new knowledge would be VASTLY more useful that a wikipedia/investopedia/etc link. Im sure your inbox is PLAGUED with questions and such from beginners and just might be one of the reasons you don’t divulge ideas for the application of your publishing and NO DOUBT there are many other things that us paupers do not see that you have to deal with so ill grant you that understanding at least on my part as I do not know the princes schedule and other things that he faces on a daily basis ;). Even if you decide to do everything how you presently do it and take this with a grain of salt, know that the community…..know that I….appreciate EVERYTHING that you spend time and effort on for the TV community….we…..well, I….would just love for your new work to spark an idea that I would inevitably run with as it all is SO intriguing….I just could use a LITTLE something to start with. AAAAAnyway, have a GREAT friggin day ma’ friend. Stay well. -Chasinalts
OmniTekTrading ChasinAlts
@ChasinAlts, knowing how to trade, not knowing how to program, or knowing how to program but not trade, is something I see in this community of talented coders. I think I'm onto what you are talking about. To be that gifted without the creative edge or knowledge of the trading environment can be such a shame to see this level of talent not be used to its potential. I've mentioned this before in a script he wrote. A programmer needs to have an understanding of how to see the psychology of the behavior of the markets to truly be creative without boundaries.
ChasinAlts OmniTekTrading
@OmniTekTrading, Well said. Just to be clear on a point, do not know if mr santos is a trader beyond the programming (and im not saying he doesnt possess the ability to apply the publications he creates but I would at least love to see others grab this and run with it to see where THEY all go with it and its application. With the little content that is given for application it causes it to simply get passed over with only sentiments of gratitude in the comments simply out of respect (bc no one is utilizing the code), which would only get done if a higher level player in the trading game (as well as higher level programmer) that, as you perfectly said, possesses the understanding of the psychology of the behavior of the markets then picks the idea up and does something with it AND publishes it for others to see (not saying that wont happen but thats a lot of 'ifs').....thats the ONLY way the ideas behind these publications will ever become of use to the community (with the way these descriptions have evolved over time to merely links to wiki or investopedia). (Again to mr Santos...if you read the comments),I wouldnt dream of disrespecting you bc ive been in awe of your abilities since I first started learning programming and use the scripts you make to help create my own when TV creates new things in pine.
OmniTekTrading ChasinAlts
@ChasinAlts, another thing is a lot of programmers are introverts. They don't know how to market an audience or "sale the idea". Like I've seen some copy pasters with very simple indicators have massive audiences. All about marketing yourself. I have another friend on here that is very gifted but has never shared his source code as he and i believe as well breaks the strategy. So it's really the perception or intention of the outcome for the written scripts purpose in TV land. I'll still be a fan regardless of words less spoken to broaden my own since or imaginations what the writer is trying to do with the script.
RicardoSantos OmniTekTrading
@OmniTekTrading, i dont see a problem with the description :P, there is enough content to explain what it does and how to apply it, any further information can be found via the reference links if any one is interested in following me in the rabbit hole, haha... about trading experience you guys might be right as i only trade for about ~5y, and as many may be suprised im not a quant (automated or machine trade), i trade my own psychology, so others is irrelevant as money management(my actual edge) takes care for me to not sink :)
OmniTekTrading RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, retails edge will always be the psychology side. If we think of market makers like casino owners we go there and gamble they make all the real moves and attract more people. And I have seen some Fibonacci algos you have written and applaud them. Good job.