12Hours-optimized Crypto Alert Reloaded

Same as 4H, but this time 12H.

In my opinion this one is way more accurate, let me know yours.
I added Short Sell signals, both Red and Blue means "Short Sell", but they use different formulas. The blue one seems pretty solid, meanwhile the red one get more oportunities but might give an earlier entrance aswell.

Remember no software is 100% accurate, but this one seems at least >90% accurate so I guess that with a decent risk management and order placing you will make great profit.
The script gave1 bad short signal in whole 2018, and 4 bad buy signals, pretty decent on a market as cryptos, and at a correction phase.

Again, let me know your opinion, feedback, and critics.

Stay aware since I will update it for sure, I'm already working on it.

*Filtering signal by candlestick patterns
*Pivot levels for resistance and support forecast beforehand.
*and more cool features ;)

Thanks again!
Notas de prensa: Anon delivers ;)

Feature added: Ghost Pivot for day, week, month, and year ranges.
Filtering signals by candlesticks patterns, stay aware.

Let me know your feedback.

Notas de prensa: UPDATE:
Added candlestick pattern classification, but still not the filtering.
Working on it.

Stay tunned.
Notas de prensa: SIGNALS MEANINGS:
black B: Buy
black S: Sale
red SS: Short Sale, more frecuent than blue, but could give early signals.
blue SS: Short Sale, less frecuent than red, but more robust signal.

*Took off the orange = Yearly pivot, because it was messing with the dimensions of the chart.
*Changes TP (Take Profit) for "black S" (Sale), because it was more accurate.
Notas de prensa: UPDATE:

*Added bullDiv and bearDiv to catch those sneaky signals that were missing
*Corrected the parameter titles, at setup wheel button.

Keep sending me your suggestions and opinions!

Notas de prensa: UPDATE:

*Fixed the early signals on BUY and SELL

Notas de prensa: Release Notes: Description:

There are different signals and levels, divided by a color code and their strength, both on entry signals and on pivot levels.
Remember this is optimized for 12h charts.
I took off most of the fake signals, but I also took some good signals.
I did that because my goal is to maximize profit and minimize the trading decisions by the amateur trader that could lead to mistakes and losses.

Green Buy - Weak buy, it's mostly an alert that the bearish trend is finishing.
Lime BUY! - Strong buy.
Yellow Sell - Weak sell (TP1).
Orange SELL - Good sell (TP2).
Red SELL! - Strong sell (Might be a shortable signal, depending on your risk management.)

Blue - Next day pivot
Red - Next week pivot
Violet - Next month pivot

I will keep improving this script until no one believes it was made by a guy ;p
Stay tunned.

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