VWAP MTF (Multi Timeframe)

VWAP that can be be plotted from different timeframes.

Ex if you chose 60 min, it will plot a new vwap line at the start of every hour.

Used code from SandroTurriate to create this.
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study("VWAP MTF",overlay=true)

TimeFrame = input('W')
start = security(tickerid, TimeFrame, time)

newSession = iff(change(start), 1, 0)
vwapsum = iff(newSession, hl2*volume, vwapsum[1]+hl2*volume)
volumesum = iff(newSession, volume, volumesum[1]+volume)
v2sum = iff(newSession, volume*hl2*hl2, v2sum[1]+volume*hl2*hl2)
myvwap = vwapsum/volumesum
dev = sqrt(max(v2sum/volumesum - myvwap*myvwap, 0))
showBcol = input(false, type=bool, title="Show barcolors")
showPrevVWAP = input(false, type=bool, title="Show previous VWAP close")
prevwap = iff(newSession, myvwap[1], prevwap[1])
plot(showPrevVWAP ? prevwap : na, style=circles, color=close > prevwap ? green : red)

A=plot(av, style=circles, color=Coloring)



Thanks for sharing. Question about timeframe box input: M for month, W for week, D for daily. What is the code for Year, Hour, 5 min, 1 min? Appreciate your response.
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TheYangGuizi nedcpatrader
@nedcpatrader, Sorry for the late answer :D. But for hour you write 60 (like 60 minutes), for 5 min you write 5... and so on.
You rocks! thanks
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Would you please teach me how to add the ( mtf vwap) script within normal vwap in mt4?
Since I am not familiar to code.

Best regards,
can u make this work on renko and mirror the result to work in candlestick ? like this indicator

Renko Auto Cloner V0

this what i mean

each dash i want it to appear in candlestick chart
Looking forward to putting this indicator to work!

Thanks - Murray
great indicator , kudos man
thanks for sharing
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