DH: True-Price DOTS for Heikin Ashi

True-Price DOTS for Heikin Ashi (open/close/current)

Must Set Tradingview Candle Type to Heikin Ashi.

Works on all Timeframes and symbols.

Helps keep you aware of the actual price action as you trade and historically by adding subtle DOTS and step-lines over your Heikin Ashi candles. With this indicator, you can benefit from the price averaging and smoothing effects of Heikin Ashi while benefiting from the accuracy of traditional candles and true active price levels. Helps maximize your buy and sell entries and exits.

  • Adds true-price DOTS (showing current-price & close)
  • Adds STEP-LINE (showing true open) price level to Heikin Ashi candles.
  • DOTS will move & update on active candle with current price movement (as candle forms). This is beneficial for accurate entry and exits during candle development period.
  • Option (on/off) to add current True-Price LINE (blue line) in input settings (recommended).

You may need to right-click candles and arrange "visual order" so that DOTS are on top layer of chart. Otherwise some DOTS might hide behind candles.

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