[CLAB🔬] Bolt

A very complex internally and externally simple indicator, the relationship between Quality and Efficiency in one, if you are one of those governed by the action of the price, the movement of the volume and its influence, this Indicator is the one for you.

Constituted by diverse bases of periods, of volume injection, the impact of that route in the market, a guideline of over purchase and over sale of the volume , with alerts and notifications to e-mail and mobile messaging, with a high rate of profitability if you learn to interpret, it is a question of recognizing the colors of each bar of the volume and taking action before the situation.

• 100% Customized in parameters and visual appearance ⚙️ 🎨
• System of alerts composed of over-purchase and over-sale of a Volume guideline 📊
• Notifications via E-Mail💌 and mobile SMS 📱
• Paint the bars according to the current and past injection
- Green, is higher than average and exceeds the last volume
- Blue, is higher / lower than the average but does not exceed the past volume
- Orange, is higher / lower than the average but does not exceed the past volumes
- Red, is higher than average and exceeds the last volume
• Arrows below the indicator that indicate when the directive enters or leaves the envelope of purchase / sale
• Magnitude waves to reflect the importance and strength of the route after the volume 📈

For more information, preview & how to access, see the following link (Spanish only)

~Made with L♥ve by @CriptoLAB 🔬
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