ATRvsDTR + ADR Zone + SSS50%

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This Script is to be used for intra day as far as the adr zones. The adr zones are used as support and resistance but also can be used to determine whether the stock is breaking out or not. Also being that the adr zones are calculated using a 5 or 10 day period unless you change the settings, and are set when price opens. It does really help you know whether a stock is moving more than it does on average to me it just signifies its directional. So I added the atr vs dtr so you can see what a stock moves on average versus what it has moved today.

The atr period is calculated based on the daily period unless you change the settings. I added to the original script 3 more percentages the atr vs dtr will change as it goes higher so that you can be aware when the stock is getting closer to moving 100% of its atr. Even though a stock breaks above or below the adr that doesn't mean it has moved more than it normally moves.

I also have the weekly open on the script as I trade the strat and I want to know, at what price the the week will change from bearish to bullish and vice versa. So that I can understand the trend when I am trading intraday.

The 50% lines were added for Sara strat snipers 50% rule and you can change the timeframes on them. This is used to know whether a candle will go 3. This also can help with retracements vs reversals, because in traditional technical analysis 50% is around where people start think its a reversal more so than a retracement.

I believe the script will be very help as it can show you price being directional but can also let you know when the stock is getting close to moving more than it normally has or if it has moved more than it normally has. As well as being able to see if something is a retracement vs a reversal. I trade TheStrat strategy so this can be very helpful in that regard

The 50% retracement levels are default 1h and daily. You can change them and whether or not they show

In the example chart you can see we are below weekly open which is bearish and you can also see where price reverses out of the upper adr zone. As well as how much of the atr we have moved on this day in time.
Notas de prensa:
I fixed the show labels to work on 50% line and open of the week
Notas de prensa:
Fixed bugs and had help from a friend on improving the way it looks
Notas de prensa:
I have now added alerts to the script the 50% will be more than just SSS50% rule for outside bars but also the regular rule of crossing 50% of previous candle as a reversal these are great for higher timeframes and getting entries as well as keeping you in trades! Fixed the bug of the script not working below 15 min timeframe!
Notas de prensa:
had to fix writing in script for sections
Notas de prensa:
May have one more bug to fix with weekly open other than that alerts are working good. If anything is wrong feel free to reach out
Notas de prensa:
uploaded wrong chart with script didnt want to give wrong impression
Notas de prensa:
Added back the open of the day
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