BitcoinNinjas Ninja Signals Buy/Sell Alert Trading Script v2.0

Bitcoin Ninjas 'Ninja Signals' Buy/Sell Alerts & Backtesting TradingView Script v2.0
(for Cryptocurrencies, Forex, GunBot, ProfitTrailer, automatic trading software, and more)

'Ninja Signals' v2.0 (STRATEGY)
'Ninja Signals' v2.0 (SCRIPT)
'Ninja Signals' v1.0 (STRATEGY)
'Ninja Signals' v1.0 (SCRIPT)

-Allows users to easily set automated buy and sell alerts on TradingView for use with automatic and manual trading of cryptocurrencies, Forex securities, and more (alerts are compatible with automatic trading software such as GunBot, ProfitTrailer, and more).

-Synthesizes many powerful indicators [e.g. Relative Strength Index ( RSI ), stochastic RSI , Money Flow Index ( MFI ), Moving Average Convergence Divergence ( MACD ), etc.) into one super script to generate very precise buy and sell signals in almost any market condition.

-Buy arrows (blue) and sell arrows (red) can be changed or hidden for ease of viewing.

-No lag EMA trendline featuring trend-reversal color-coding (white uptrend, black downtrend).

-Adjustable ‘calibration’ setting allows users to customize the script to work for any currency or security available through TradingView, on any exchange, simply by adjusting a number.

-Complete with backtesting strategy version of script which allows users to test various buy and sell strategies based on the alerts the script generates (see info and screenshots below).

-Backtesting strategy incorporates a user-defined adjustable date range, so users can estimate the script’s performance over specific periods of time, such as the last day, week, or month.

-Backtesting strategy utilizes a minimum protective gain setting to help you never sell for a loss. Simply adjust your minimum profit (%) per trade, and the test results will update.

-Backtesting strategy allows for pyramid buying to test various average down / double up buying strategies. Simply adjust the number of pyramid buys and the quantity of each buy.

-Free 7-day trial available for TradingView users who join our free BitcoinNinjas community.

-Free 24/7 support via BitcoinNinjas Telegram GunBot support group with script purchase.

-Fully compatible with GunBot automatic trading software (TradingView plugin is required).

-Special discount available for traders who purchase GunBot automatic trading software and the GunBot TradingView plugin from BitcoinNinjas, allowing for fully automatic trading.

-Contact us via Email or Telegram for more information, to request additional / custom screenshots, or to start your free trial.

DISCLAIMER: By using this BitcoinNinjas document or ‘Ninja Signals’ planning script, you agree to the BitcoinNinjas 'Terms of Use', as presented on our website (http://www.BitcoinNinjas. org ) and as stated here. No sharing, copying, reselling, modifying, or any other forms of use are authorized for our documents, script / strategy, and the information published with them. This informational document and planning script / strategy is strictly for individual use and educational purposes only. This is not financial or investment advice. Investments are always made at your own risk and are based on your personal judgement. BitcoinNinjas is not responsible for any losses you may incur. Please invest wisely.
Notas de prensa: Added:

Heikin-Ashi candle on/off switch (script & strategy)

'Only Buy if RSI < 70' on/off switch (script & strategy)

'No Buys if Downtrend' on/off switch (script & strategy)

'Only Sell for Profit' on/off switch (strategy only)

Adjustable 'Stop Loss' setting (strategy only)

Note: 'Ninja Signals' v2.0 Script and Strategy are the non-repainting versions of 'Ninja Signals' v1.0. To view version 1.0, please see the links below.

'Ninja Signals' v1.0 (SCRIPT)

'Ninja Signals' v1.0 (STRATEGY)
Notas de prensa: Minor update to improve performance with Renko candles
Notas de prensa: Minor update to improve performance with Renko candles
Notas de prensa: Minor update to improve performance with Renko candles
Notas de prensa: Added:

RSI Buy Filter is now adjustable, user-defined

Downtrend EMA Buy Filter is now adjustable, user-defined

Date Range Filter now features an on/off switch for ease of use

Default transaction fee of 0.05% per trade now factored into net profit of backtesting strategy
Notas de prensa: New Features Added:

-Stop Loss is now an alertable condition, allowing traders to create alerts that fire whenever stop limit is hit (orange square on chart).

-Trailing Stop (stop loss from last sell arrow) can now be enabled instead of regular stop loss (from last buy arrow) by checking an on/off box.

-Trailing Stop option also added to backtesting strategy so traders can compare regular stop loss versus trailing stop loss during testing.
Notas de prensa: Added 'RSI Sell Filter' to accompany RSI Buy Filter, giving traders precise control over both buy and sell arrows/alerts.
Notas de prensa: New Features Added:

-EMA Downtrend Filter (corresponds to black and white EMA trend line seen on graph)

-Stochastic RSI Cutoff Filter

-Stochastic RSI Trend Filter

-MACD Trend Filter

-MFI Trend Filter

-Donchian Channel Filter
Notas de prensa: New Feature Added: Margin trading (longs and shorts) on/off switch added to backtesting strategy.
Notas de prensa: Minor update to clarify alertable stop loss for bars where a sell arrow also occurs
Notas de prensa: Minor update modifying labels of various features of script for improved clarity and ease-of-use.
Notas de prensa: Minor update to alertable stop loss
Notas de prensa: Added 'Take Profit' feature and modified 'Stop Loss' to work in both directions when margin trading
Notas de prensa: Added adjustable Renko ATR Length calculation as additional calibration option
Notas de prensa: Minor update to allow traders to select from two different calibration styles: Renko & Heikin-Ashi
Notas de prensa: Minor update to improve performance when using regular candles with the Heikin-Ashi calibration box checked.
Notas de prensa: Minor update 6/7/18
Notas de prensa: Minor Update 6/8/18
Notas de prensa: New Feature Added: Optional 1:1 Buy:Sell Arrow Ratio
Notas de prensa: 6/15/18 Minor Update
Notas de prensa: 6/16/18 Update: Increased range of Take Profit feature to allow maximum setting of up to 500% profit per trade for swing trading
Notas de prensa: New Feature Added: optional Awesome Oscillator Buy & Sell Filters
Notas de prensa: New Features Added:
-Ichimoku Cloud Filter
-RSI Divergence Filter
-Squeeze Oscillator Filter
-Aroon Oscillator Filter
-Bollinger Band Filter
-Keltner Channel Filter
-New Label Descriptions
Notas de prensa: New Features Added:

-MACD Cutoff Filter
-MFI Cutoff Filter
-Default values added to labels
Notas de prensa: Minor Update
Notas de prensa: Minor update to Donchian channel filter
Notas de prensa: Minor Update 9/15/18: Added Commodity Channel Index (CCI) buy and sell filters
Notas de prensa: Update 2/9/19:
-Added optional Trailing Take Profit feature to existing Take Profit
-Updated Bollinger Band and Keltner Filters to increase effectiveness
-Adjusted default backtesting properties to ensure compatibility with atypical trading pairs
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Hello, may i have access to it please?? thankyou
Hello, good looking. Grant me the access please.
can you grant me the access please. Thanks
@DaveBarnes, Check your PMs
Hi made done everything that were asked could you please give me access?

Cheers Anthony
Bitcoin_Ninjas AnthonyManuelDosSantos
@AnthonyManuelDosSantos, Hope you enjoyed it!
Grant me the access please.
@prasoon07pp, Check your Private Messages!
Can you please grant me acces for the trial. I have followed you on trading view, liked and favorited the scripts and strategies o trading view and registered an account on username tradingview = tongercore. Username on = tongercore
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@tongercore, We truly hope you enjoyed your trial. Let us know if you ever have any questions or need help.
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