Range identifier by angle

This study tries to highlight ranges
as they are defined by
TradingLatino TradingView user.

A range according to its definition would consist of
periods when the price does not move a lot.

It's aimed at BTCUSDT pair and 4h timeframe.


Price source is the middle between open and close values.

For each of the bars a '5' periods regression line is calculated
The regression line has an angle with the 0-axis line
which might be between 0 and 90.
0 angle would mean price is always the same
90 angle would mean price going to infinity

When '2' of those periods in a row
have their angles between a maximum angle
and a minimum angle then you have the range

Price range bar periods : How many previous periods are used to calculate the bar regression line
Price range range periods : How many periods in a row should be used to say that there is a range

Price range maximum angle ( < 90.0 !!! ): Maximum angle for range detection
Price range minimum angle ( > -90.0 !!! ): Mininum angle for range detection
Angles should be set from -89.99 for the minimum angle to +89.99 for the maximum angle

Despite the name indicator does not identify the entire range.
It identifies when you realise you are inside a range.
E.g. If a range length is 8 periods length this range indicator
will highlight only the last 6 periods of the range.

If your strategy signals you an upwards trend
then you might use this range detector
to know when to exit your long position


Because most of the times
the price is found to be
in a range it goes down

I'm quite sure this range approach by comparing angles is a novel one.
I have checked Range Identifier script from TradingView LazyBear user
and it uses another approach.

I'm interested on different approaches on how to detect ranges.

I have only used this identifier in BTCUSDT 4h timeframe.
I'm interested to know if applying it more traditional
stocks the degrees need to be adjusted to something
more smaller.

This script simulates looping an string char by char
in pine script.

I have reused and adapted some code from
'TF Segmented Linear Regression' script
which it's from TradingView alexgrover user.
Script de código abierto

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