Consensio Hystogram

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Using the ideas from "Consensio" system, by Tyler Jenks, this Indicator shows a Buy and sell values, with 3 levels
using the position order of 3 smas: short, medium and large

There are 3 combinations indicating buy and 3 indicating sell:

Example: LSM (Long SMA Top, Then Short, Then Medium)

3 levels each. More level more power signal for buy or sell

MLS = Sell Level 1
LSM = Sell Level 2
LMS = Sell Level 3
SLM = Buy Level 1
SML = Buy Level 3
MSL = Buy Level 2

The triangles on top of the indicator shows any cross of the 3 SMAs and the level of buy/sell signal of the combination

The hystogram shows a composed value, using the distance of each SMA to the close price of each bar and te result is
multiplied by the actual combination order of the SMAs , positive values for Buy, negative for shell, using values from 1 to 3

The longer the SMA period, more weight has in the result value.

(These factors are editables)

My defaults:
50% using Long SMA
35% Using Medium SMA
15% Using Short SMA

Let me know if you encounter this as useful as me.

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wow amazing indicator .. if you switch this to weekly .. you'll find 2 april 2018 this indicator turned level 3 however market reversed that week and indicator signaled from 3 back to level 2 on 23 april 2018.. so my conclusion is that this indicator and consensio in general behave like a sinewave and it do that incrementally ....meaning it goes from short term trend to intermediate and finally long term