DTOsc Dual Time Frame V1

Based on the concept of Robert Miner Book "High Probabilities Strategies"
This script shows at the same time the DTosc of the current time frame and the higher one (shaded gray columns)
For daily-weekly, for hour-daily, for 15 or 5 minutes hour are automatically selected as higher time frame
The green zone shows that both oscillators are alligned
Four Types. Type 1 is fastest and Type 4 is slowest. Menu selection.
Is a filter for elliott trades, as Robert Miner book shows, but not a complete trading system by itself. When fibonacci retracement , and extensions in price and time, patter positions and dual TF momentums are aligned trades could be taken
Script de código abierto

Siguiendo el verdadero espíritu de TradingView, el autor de este script lo ha publicado en código abierto, para que los traders puedan entenderlo y verificarlo. ¡Un hurra por el autor! Puede utilizarlo de forma gratuita, aunque si vuelve a utilizar este código en una publicación, debe cumplir con las Normas internas. Puede marcarlo como favorito para usarlo en un gráfico.

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Tnx a lot
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How is it going with Robert's strategy? Does it still work?
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theexecucioner grfarshbaf
@grfarshbaf, I still think RM method/ideas has and edge along several trades. In order to be honest some times is difficult to identify the wave to project (for example in messy graphs with no so clear waves or in certain ranges). Its about trading styles. Maybe in this one you can chain several lossing trades of little capital. The other secret (maybe more important) is Money management and risk gestion.
hey tha ks for putting this together. I just finished the book and searched for this indicator! question.... am I understanding your indicator right? the background color indicates if the higher timeframe is bullish or bearish and then the 2 lines would indicate bullish or bearish momentum reversals. so, if the background is green and then income across a line crossing that would be the bullish filter according to the book. which line color is the fast line to generate signals?
theexecucioner tricor2000
@tricor2000, You are welcome. The green/red shadow area indicates that BOTH oscillators are alligned in bullish sentiment, Red is Bearish . I recomend switch to V2 if you want (i think its improved). Soory if you feel the anwer is incomplete. English is not my mother language. As i say the other conditions should appear (time and price)!
nice work !! thank you.
@hillab, Several oscillators work the same. The idea was to mix two TF in one graph. Your welcome. Try V2 if you want.
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hillab theexecucioner
@theexecucioner, TQ I'll have a look for V2. I'm sure you know that the experts say it's necessary to work at least 2 TF's and preferably 3 !!
So this is a significant step for me. many thanks again.
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