Swinging Karate Monkey Death Crossing Tester

A evaluation copy of Swinging Karate Monkey Death Crossing PRO indicator

instructions can be found here

if trading on bitmex, check this calculator
Notas de prensa: november 9, 2018. Testing period is over guys, hope you made lots of profits, october was a very boring month, but last week has been crazy, been contacted by some of the guys, and a couple made a killing in the last couple days
if want to keep using it sent me a pm
probably will open another test period in a few months
meanwhile ill drop a copy of my beach monkey indicator, which you should keep an eye on if you want to play swing on 4h charts, it can be amazing
Notas de prensa: As promised, a new open for all trial period is open during the month of march 2019
in addition to the instruccions previously posted, here are a couple vids with examples on how to use it

Notas de prensa: hey, i just made a post on
it would be great if you could leave a comment
Notas de prensa: im closing the Trial period for the indicator
will open a new one in a couple months
if you want to keep using it, send me a PM
meanwhile here is a copy of my Super Karate Monkey Swinging on the beach
which works great, if you want to swing trading, give it a try on 2-4h timeframe
Notas de prensa: The new trial period is open, will be available until may 15 2021, if you find it useful and want to keep using it, send me a PM

Good luck!!
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hola me gustaria probarlo.
remember to check this channel