This Script is the second part of the previous one. In this second part it includes Longs and also Shorts. It is a little conservative, and is mainly used for swing trading. It can be used for everyday trading or if you’re using it for automated trading, you don’t necessarily need to run it as a bot. But you can do so if you want. To set it up without running it as a bot. Create the alerts that will send notifications to your mobile, and then when you receive an alert, you can place the order manually yourself. Maybe it could be a bit boring. But as someone said: "The Exchange is designed to transfer the money of the impatient to the patients." -Warren Buffett.

This script uses RMI + ADX + RSI , and for the main trend the famous Ichimoku , here I thought wasn’t good for anything, but look at how well it works with ETH.

I had to put the security () function only for Ichimoku . It can be used in this way without causing problems with repainting, but you have to know what measures to take to ensure it does not overlap, or so that the backtest is accurate.

indexHighTF = barstate.isrealtime ? 1 : 0
indexCurrTF = barstate.isrealtime ? 0 : 1

a0 = security(syminfo.tickerid, 'D', close, lookahead=barmerge.lookahead_off)
a = a0

The preventive measures can be found in the link below:


This script is like the world upside down. When the price goes up and you see an opportunity, you start creating shorts and the same thing can be done by creating longs when the price goes down. It can be very effective because remember what Warren Buffett said again: "The dumbest reason in the world to buy an action is that it is going up."

It leave the position only when Taking Profits.

It does not have Stop Loss, instead, when it reaches a set % loss, it makes a re-entry by laddering the trades.
I think that the Stops Loss only serves to get you liquidate. With the erratic price movements on the Exchanges, their movements can be between 5-20%, fucking you if you have a SL !! (conspiracy theories) ;-)

This world is invented for you to lose money, it is not easy to get rich and less likely with a script, but neither is it impossible, who knows, maybe this will help or at least give extra tool in your trading.

It's more or less adjusted for my favorite crypto currency: ETH on BITMEX and I'm sure there's a much better setting.

The best Timeframe that seems to be working well: ETH: 1 H

Greetings from Barcelona…


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Notas de prensa: Added a second TP
Notas de prensa: Take profit calculated from the average price of the position (fuchsia dot).

Now settings for ETH at 30 minutes.
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