MFI Divergence Indicator

Our Developer Malin converted the built-in RSI divergence indicator to MFI ( Money Flow Index).

How to apply?

Notice 1: MFI , unlike the RSI , incorporates volume . It thus is an indicator of a higher precision when it comes to finding the the moment to sell - or - the moment to enter.
Notice 2: In Ranging Markets MFI (and RSI ) is a solid momentum indicator to buy or sell. The asset displayed shows a slight markdown. Thus, we are looking primarily for short positions. Once can tell by us omitting the first 2 hidden bearish divergence signals and then entering the market.
Notice 3: Divergences depend on pivot points . The drawback with pivot points is that it is a lagging indication of a potential reversal. The more time (bars) one takes to confirm a reversal the less profitable is the trade - but less risky. In the charts one can tell that we enter the market 5 bars later. Usually that is not the tip of the reversal.

Notice 4: One must adapt the left and right periods of the indicator to risk/reward ratio, length of swing / frequency modulation and volatility of the price action.

Credits: Credits go to the Tradingview Team for delivering the original code. And Malin for the conversion. Please keep the copy right as a courtesy.

Notas de prensa: We added the RSI in light blue to the indicator to understand the difference better. Notice, a big difference of the MFI an RSI is indicating that there is a considerable difference of price and the volume that is backing up the direction of the trend. We will indicate significant differences in future versions.
Notas de prensa: Indicating a MFI/RSI-difference of 20% on the chart.
Notas de prensa: Indicating any difference of the MFI and RSI. No matter if positive or negative.
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