Swing Trade BTC Strategy BY che_trader

Swing Trade BTC is the result of a long time research and testing effort.

I will share for free many different backtest strategies from which I nourish myself until I find a truly profitable one over time.

This script is exclusively for BTC and is a trend following of high time frame.

I recommend using it on 12H candles.


This script has been constantly winning over time, the maximum drwdon in 3 years has been less than 17%.

In times of high volatility this trend following does not give signals in the middle of a trend, but continues with the trend until it changes.

For access you can communicate by message on my twitter or by message here on the platform.


Good luck!
Notas de prensa: Added Level option to backtest.
Notas de prensa: Minor update
Notas de prensa: Added Take Profit and Stop Loss for backtested!
Notas de prensa: Minor update.
Notas de prensa: Important update
Many features for position management were added.

You can select three different forms of take profit or a combination of them
  • a- Squezze Take profit
  • b- A static percentage from the entry
  • c- If we select Stop Loss with the ATR function, we enable the take profit based on RR (Risk-Benefit) taking as parameter the Stop Loss ATR

I have also added manytypes of Stop Loss
  • a- A static percentage from the entry
  • b- Stop loss based on ATR, where you select the length and the multiple
  • c- Trail Stop Loss: is a stop that follows the price according to the parameters you consider.
    This Trail Stop Loss (TSL) is included with a parameter called "Trigger"
    Until the trigger is executed, the TSL does not start working.
    This feature means that we are often not stopped prematurely.
  • Re entry: When we select Take profit or TSL we can select "Activate Re Entry" to enter the market again following the trend of the last signal.

  • There is included a complete risk management, where you select the % of the account that you can lose if the stop is hit, and based on that, the size of the correct position and other parameters are calculated.

To request access to this indicator you can contact me through the links in my profile or by private message.
Script solo mediante invitación

El acceso a este script está restringido a los usuarios autorizados por el autor y, por regla general, es de pago. Puede añadirlo a sus favoritos, pero solo podrá usarlo si solicita permiso al autor y éste le autoriza. Póngase en contacto con Che_Trader para obtener más información o siga las siguientes instrucciones del autor.

TradingView sugiere que no utilice ni pague un script si no confía totalmente en su autor o cuando no comprenda su funcionamiento. En muchos casos, puede encontrar una buena alternativa de código abierto de forma gratuita en nuestra Biblioteca pública.

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Advertencia: Por favor, consulte antes de solicitar acceso.

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do you provide trail of this indicator
Would love to Test this. May you grant me Access? Greetings from Germany.
Hi Che, I sent you a dm here. Can I get access to this strategy? Thanks a lot!
Hello Che, could I have access to this strategy? Thanks.
Che_Trader MannyMaldonado
Yes! You can contact via dm or in my profile links.
hey hey could i get access?
Che_Trader btcwrecked

Yes! You can contact via dm or in my profile links.
hi che can you give me access to the indicator swing trade btc thank you tradingview name geceltrin3
Che_Trader geceltrin3
@geceltrin3, Hey man!

You can join the telegram channel link in my profile! And send one mp!
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