Rob Hoffman - Overlay Set

Here is all the Rob Hoffman (Overlay) Indicator. Will release the rest as a different indicator.
1. Stochastic
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// Created By UCSGEARS
// Based on Videos from youtube, by Rob Hoffman

study("Rob Hoffman - Overlay Set", shorttitle = "RH - MAs", overlay = true)

a = sma(close,3)
b = sma(close,5)

c = ema(close,18)
d = ema(close,20)

e = sma(close,50)
f = sma(close,89)
g = ema(close,144)
h = sma(close,200)

k = ema(close,35)
r = rma(tr,35)
ku = k + r*0.5
kl = k - r*0.5

plot(a, title = "Fast Speed Line", linewidth = 2, color = #0000FF)
plot(b, title = "Slow Speed Line", linewidth = 2, color = fuchsia)
plot(c, title = "Fast Primary Trend Line", linewidth = 3, color = #00FF00)
plot(d, title = "Slow Primary Trend Line", linewidth = 3, color = #000000)
plot(e, title = "Trend Line - 1", linewidth = 3, color = #0000FF, style = circles)
plot(f, title = "Trend Line - 2", linewidth = 3, color = #20B2AA)
plot(g, title = "Trend Line - 3", linewidth = 3, color = #FF4500)
plot(h, title = "Trend Line - 4", linewidth = 3, color = fuchsia)

plot(k, title = "No Trend Zone - Midline", linewidth = 2, color = #3CB371)
plot(ku, title = "No Trend Zone - Upperline", linewidth = 2, color = #3CB371)
plot(kl, title = "No Trend Zone - Lowerline", linewidth = 2, color = #3CB371)


ucsgears, thanks a lot , it helped me to increase my trading experience :) When do you plan to release the 2 MACD indicators ( the fast and core trigger )?
+5 Responder
UCSgears, could you please code something like Decision bar Pivots, which they sell in Trading view market place? It is like a modified Donchian channel with Lookback period 150, High sensitivity 35, low sensitivity 35, and in the graph they highlight Pivot upper, pivot lower with other intermittent pivot lines. Don't know if you have ever heard of this Decision bar pivots and Decision bar pivot strategy.
+2 Responder
ucsgears greenplay
I just don't want to get into conflict of interest.
+1 Responder
greenplay ucsgears
Agree. Thank you very much for your input.
Thank you for coding this!
+1 Responder
Will it be all-in-one? TV now restricts to 10 indicators...(seriously, they are going over board for the non-pro users)
well, you don't need anything more than that for trading successfully.
2use ucsgears
But it takes some time to test the pairs with and other indicators. I always use 1-5 on the chart and 1-5 lagging ones. for example you cant have 10+ MAs now i guess
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