M4x FIB-o-matic V3.6

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M4x is a combination of RSI and Fibonacci components, set up with fixed values, so no worries about "original" settings...

Recommendet Bot settings:

- use one short and one long bot
- take profit 0.5%
- 6 simul trades
- 3 security orders, VolScale 1.5, StepScale 1.4
- Deviation 0.35%
- cooldown 780sec

- aproved Buy
- aproved Sell
- heartbeat (..check if Script is running. Gives you the possibility to get an alive Signal every minute)

(With a few "input" M4x can be changed into a highly configurable Signal Generator with menus.)

...tested successful with BTC-ETH, gl ;-)
Script de código abierto

Siguiendo el verdadero espíritu de TradingView, el autor de este script lo ha publicado en código abierto, para que los traders puedan entenderlo y verificarlo. ¡Un hurra por el autor! Puede utilizarlo de forma gratuita, aunque si vuelve a utilizar este código en una publicación, debe cumplir con las Normas internas. Puede marcarlo como favorito para usarlo en un gráfico.

¿Quiere utilizar este script en un gráfico?


Thanks for sharing. but no confirmed sales (heart) come out. There is also a source in the settings section, just nothing else is visible. Could the script be missing?
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onurkarabag onurkarabag
And here I see 5 minutes ideal. do you think it is right? Is there a better setting in the code?
Prospector136 onurkarabag
@onurkarabag, ..just tried on another machine, no problems.
Copied the script into my Pine Editor, Add to Chart ..... and bang!

onurkarabag Prospector136
@Prospector136, thank you.
onurkarabag Prospector136
@Prospector136, Also not repaint, right??
I just finished a Grid & SMA script:

"Real Grid Trend Multiplier & SMA Final"
This is the best bot I ever used !!! took nearly a day to see how well he's doing, and it's getting better every hour.
Have fun and gl
Amazing! Congratz and thanks for sharing!
Responder the way, this lines can be removed:

vrsiRSI = rsi(priceRSI, RSIlength)
if vrsiRSI < RSIvaluelow
buyRSI = true

if vrsiRSI > RSIvaluehigh
sellRSI = true
WOW, looks good!