Triple Exponential Moving Averages (3 EMA)

A basic script that let's you have 3 EMA (Exponential Moving Averages) all-in-one script. They're useful to know the general trends of your chart: Long-time, Short-time (or immediately) & General current trend.

Note: Remember that "exponential" means that these indicators give more weight to the latest data, making them more reactive to price changes (they react faster to recent price changes than simple moving averages)
Script de código abierto

Siguiendo el verdadero espíritu de TradingView, el autor de este script lo ha publicado en código abierto, para que los traders puedan entenderlo y verificarlo. ¡Un hurra por el autor! Puede utilizarlo de forma gratuita, aunque si vuelve a utilizar este código en una publicación, debe cumplir con las Normas internas. Puede marcarlo como favorito para usarlo en un gráfico.

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These are SMAs, not EMAs
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algife JonnyMoe
@JonnyMoe, It pretended to be a basic script that I didn't expect people will use It. You can change the code itself to "sma" or "wma" If you prefer It and press save.
Hey algife,

From the code, this seems like 3 SMAs and not 3 EMAs, which is probably a mistake given the title ;) Cheers
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algife maayank
@maayank, exactly. Change "sma" to "ema" in lines 11 12 and 13. I can't edit the Idea or at least I don't know how.
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Why can't I change the settings of the EMA? I have done it before but I accidentally removed it and now it is stuck on default settings.
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algife litaandco
@litaandco, It pretended to be a basic script that I didn't expect people will use It. You can change the code itself and press "save". By the way they are SMAs, but you can change them to "sma" or "wma" if you prefer.
I've been on paper all day with this and the must frustrating part is how it will hold buy/sell for a long time into the reversal then once its confirmed by pulling all the way through the band it back tracks the data to the top/bottom of the reversal with the short/long labels. I'm starting to think the high win rate of 75%/ 88% or even 100% on the 15sec chart is B.S. was working alright and still mostly profitable on BTCUSD.
algife traftertraft
@traftertraft, TradingView does a very bad job with the labels in real-time. If a signal is given and then price changes the label might be removed! Regarding wining rate and so on, this is a basic script that doesn't intends to be used as strategy by itself.
@algife, well that is what i thought. still tried. thanks for the reply.