Boom Hunter

Every "boom" begins with a pullback... This indicator will help traders find bottoms and perfect entries into a pump. It combines two indicators, Dr . John Ehlers Early Onset Trend ( EOT ) and the infamous Stochastic RSI . The indicator features a built in dump and dip detector which usually picks up signals a few candles before it happens. The blue wave ( EOT ) shows trend, when waves travel up so does the price. Likewise for the opposite. Low points are revealed when EOT bottoms out and flat lines. Traders can then use the Stochastic RSI crossover to enter a trade. As the EOT lines get closer together there is more movement in price action, so as they get wider traders can expect sideways action. This indicator works on all timeframes but has had excellent results on hourly chart.

Entry zones are marked with a green dot at top of indicator. This signals a bottom is being formed and traders should look for an entry.
Exit points are marked with a red dot at top of indicator. This signals a peak and great time to exit.
Dips and dumps are indicated in red at bottom of indicator.

Notas de prensa: - Added MA filter option for dump detector.
With the filter on, only dumps in uptrend are detected. Removing filter will show all dump signals and may be a "spammy"
Notas de prensa: Added alerts for buy point and sell point
Notas de prensa: Added some cosmetic changes. 2 new themes: Large and Tartan or as I like to call it... "Scotch"astic.
Large is now set to default as it is cleaner and easier to read than original. Signals can be turned on in settings.
Notas de prensa: Boom Hunter now has a new theme and default look using classic trading view colors.
2 new oscillators have been added and can be changed in settings:
  • Stochastic RSI
  • Stochastic RVI
  • LSMA Wave Trend (Default)
Above shows oscillators.
Above shows available themes.
Above shows an example of different LSMA lengths.
Above shows an example of different WT settings.
By tuning the settings for your timeframe and chart your oscillator can either scalp waves or ride trends.
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Hi everyone. Just an update... New boom hunter is around the corner. It will blow your minds! I will be releasing it as a new indicator.
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veryfid veryfid
@veryfid, It has arrived. After 31 versions of boom hunter and almost 500 revisions on the latest script...
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Nice conceptual understanding. If can apply properly this can make money. Thanks
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veryfid pricechart1336
@pricechart1336, Happy Trading!
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i added this to my favorite list, buy my screen looks different , no such red/ green dots

secondly , is it possible to plot buy/ sell on candles chart above as per buy/sell condition on BOOM BOOM BOOM .

really nice work
veryfid chdvikas77
@chdvikas77, The green and red dots can be turned on/off with show entries option in settings. To plot buy sell signals on chart requires a second indicator. The new boom hunter has option for colored candles to show entry zones. Im still testing it before releasing it. So far it has been amazing.
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i added this to my favourite list, buy my screen looks different , no such red/ green dots
Can I automate this on 4Hrs time frame because i like trading it?
veryfid richlifestyle01
@richlifestyle01, Hi, what do you mean by automate?