Tom Demark Indicator for Higher timeframes.

Calculate and shows the nines shell and nines buy of Ti indicator, calculated from higher timeframes (highers than you are using in that moment)

Due to Pine Script restrictions, only is possible ask for price data of Higher Timeframes.

This indicator calculates and shows the "Nines" in the following timeframes:

15 and 30 Minutes, 1, 4 and 12 Hours, Daily and Weekly

If you want, I can incorporate any timeframe Tradingview can show (ask for them)

At the moment, this is in Beta Stage.
I will read any comments, request, bugs, improvements, etc.

There is not any Alarms possibilities... let me know what kind of Alarms you will need and I will study to incorporate in the indicator.

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Notas de prensa: Version 2

Bug Correction:
When prior fourth bar close price is equal to current bar, now the script continues the current count (up or down)

- You can see the just the "nines" of the current timeframe or the full count. Are shown above the bars
- Now, if you deactivate timeframes, the load time of the script will be reduced. Just ask for the required (and enabled) data.
Notas de prensa: Another bug correction... sic!
Notas de prensa: Same bug, other scenarios covered... hufff.
Notas de prensa: More Bugs solved:

If current timeframe was 1H not was count showed.
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