Typical Price Difference - TPD © with reversal zones and signals

v1.0 NOTE: The maths have been tested only for BTC and weekly time frame.

This is a concept that I came through after long long hours of VWAP trading and scalping.

The idea is pretty simple:
1) Typical Price is calculated by (h+l+c) / 3. If we take this price and adjust it to volume we get the VWAP value. The difference between this value and the close value, i call it "Typical Price Difference - TPD".
2) We get the Historical Volatility as calculated by TradingView script and we add it up to TPD and divide it by two (average). This is what I call "The Source - TS".
3) We apply the CCI formula to TS.
4) We calculate the Rate of Change (roc) of the CCI formula.
5) We apply the VIX FIX of Larry Williams (script used is from ChrisMoody - CM_Williams_Vix_Fix Finds Market Bottoms) *brilliant script!!!

How to use it:
a) When the (3) is over the TPD we have a bullish bias (green area). When it's under we have a bearish bias (red area).
b) If the (1) value goes over or under a certain value (CAUTION!!! it varies in different assets or timeframes) we get a Reversal Zone (RZ). Red/Green background.
c) If we are in a RZ and the VIX FIX gives a strong value (look for green bars in histogram) and roc (4) goes in the opposite direction, we get a reversal signal that works for the next week(s).

I applied this to BTC on a weekly time frame and after some corrections, it gives pretty good reversal zones and signals. Especially bottoms. Also look for divergences in the zones/signals.

As I said I have tested and confirmed it only on BTC/weekly. I need more time with the maths and pine to automatically adjust it to other time frames. You can play with it in different assets or time frames to find best settings by hand.

Feel free to share your thoughts or ideas on this.

P.S. I realy realy realy try to remember when or how or why I came up with the idea to combine typical price with historical volatility and CCI. I can't! It doesn't make any sense LOL
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