OKCoin future diff

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This indicator checks the accuracy of okcoin futures against the current index. Example, check how the 1W future from 7 days ago matches the current spot value. The matches are on the 1W, 2W, 3M futures

The indicator bundles them together, makes a weighted average and shows it all.

the thin lines are the futures deltas for each of the futures (check the code to see the color of each).
the thick line is the compound indicator, the line is red when the value is too far off the spot price, black when it's <5%

background is green on "bullish", red for "bearish", take it as you want with many grains of salt :)

there is an input value (default = 1) to adjust time scales. the value is a multiplier for the number of periods in a day.
1D chart, input = 1
4h chart, input = 4h * 6 = 24h

using the incorrect adjustment for the wrong time scale, makes the indicator (even more) meaningless ;)
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