Live Mini Terminal 1 : Relative General Data Change

This script displays relative data changes occurring in the adjustable period and/or adaptive automatic period in various markets.
It was inspired by the data terminals used by commercial traders.

Period selection can be set in the menu.
This script uses the adaptive period algorithm used by Autonomous LSTM and Relativity scripts.
Or you can set the period manually from the menu.
For more information about adaptive period this script uses:

This script works only for 1 day (1D) and 1 week (1W) time frames.
Since COT data is used, the most efficient time frame is 1 week (1W) .


  • Value changes on a percentage basis (%)
  • Commitment of Traders position changes on a percentage basis :
    Net position percentage is calculated as Short - Long and there is no inverse relationship.
    Direct relationship is provided.
  • Due to the advantage of movement, future data were drawn instead of spot values ​​on the required instruments.


  • US10Y : U.S Government Bonds 10 Year Yields
  • JPYUSD : Japanese Yen

Position Change InfoPanel

  • 10 US T-Bond positions are used because there is no position equivalent in US10Y .
    In other instruments, the corresponding position provisions are written and their changes are calculated.


The script can be used as an indicator by putting it under the chart as shown above.
It is necessary to enlarge to see clearly.
Since it is not often looked at,
such use is the best method for healthy interpretation.

Notas de prensa: The COT Commercial Positions were converted to Long - Short for ease of follow - up.
Notas de prensa: Codes have been simplified.
Unnecessary codes have been deleted.
Notas de prensa: The COT Commercial Positions were converted to Short- Long for directly follow - up.
Codes simplified.
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