SMU Market Window with Price Waves

SMU Market Window is a standalone panel of major indices, indicators, and, most importantly, the status of all timeframes 1 minute, 5 minutes, etc. all in one window.

Market window can be used on its own or in conjunction with the new version of Quantum Thermoballs Turbo Charged (to be released soon).

Since this scripts queries multiple time frames and multiple incendies, it takes 1-2 seconds to load. Once loaded it works like a clock.

Enjoy and always share knowledge so our Pine TV community can grow and reac a new high.
Notas de prensa: Some minor adjustment to the panel
Notas de prensa: Simplified the setting as per your feedback to make it easier to use. Now you can run it on any chart without specifying the index ID.
The index list can be changed by user. Just enter the name of security as would in the TV watchlist exactly.
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Stock Market Update


new script

Is it reasonable to use this on a 1 minute time frame?
stockmarketupdate Mister_Sparkle
@Mister_Sparkle, Yes. The best time frame is 1 minute because you can track short trend development while monitoring higher time frames. Note: This script tracks higher time from the base chart. So, in one minute chart it shows everything, in 5 minutes only 5 and above etc. Reason is simple, TV chrat is the master refresh. So it makes sense.
Fantabulous! Great stuff Bro.
you opened a new door and new way to use indicators . Thank you
@mattrad88, That is the idea. Although I only released my basic scripts, they all offer powerful and inspirational concepts for others.
mattrad88 stockmarketupdate
@stockmarketupdate, Great work Thank you.
Great script
Great script from a genius coder
@hjsjshs, Thanks mate. I design the script for myself to make money and since I'm a perfectionist, my design must be new and add value. The fact your guys are benefiting too is a bonus. We (traders) are all band or brothers.
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