Weekly OHLC Updated

Weekly OHLC first edit is to include a standard style.

From here we'll be adding a few moving averages and a few other things I find helpful in both in crypto and FOREX trading.
Notas de prensa: Few updates in this version:

  • Updated the precision (that means there will be more zeros at the end in FOREX and other markets but works for Crypto to provide right prices)
  • Added the ability to show Monthly Open and Closing prices. Open in default in grey line and close is bold crosses. It does add more noise to your chart but these are helpful ranges to know
  • The Monthly plotting is turned off by default so if you want it displayed go to input options and click it on

I also created an indicator for Monthly opens just like this Monthly OHLC
Notas de prensa: Few modifications here for highlighting where price current close is in relation to weekly open:

  • Added the ability to have background highlight. Default: Green is above weekly open, red is below weekly open
  • Added the ability to have indicators on the top of the chart. Green arrow up is above weekly open, red is below weekly open
  • Added the ability to turn on monthly open and monthly close for plotting.

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