Enhanced Heikin Ashi Strategy

By using Heikin Ashi trend spotting/following combined with EMA trends and Donchain Channels for determining Highs and Lows of periods, I created this algorithm to try and predict daily swing trading. This could be used in combination of other indicators to give better certainty of winning. This isn't a real-time trading strategy as it's looking for confirmation bars.
Notas de prensa: Updated to enable strategy by default
Notas de prensa: Only confirm trades when the close has cross over the short and long EMA signals.
Notas de prensa: Updated the secondary indicator for better indication of movement. It's especially helpful 1H+ periods. The indicator is:

"DecisionPoint Price Momentum Oscillator "
Notas de prensa: Added comments on which confirmation indicators to use with this.
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I like it
What is the 'MLR_SH' on the first panel of your indicator? May I try it?
@Jittra, It's the Momentum Linear Regression by @Shizaru
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