Rsioma HA TS

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Very simple T S that uses:

RSI crossing over its EMA 9;
Last HA candle is green and closes above EMA 5 (best signals when this candle has ONLY upper long shadow and no lower shadow -> STRONG TREND STARTING)

RSI crossing under its EMA 9;
Last HA candle is red and closes under EMA 5 (best signal when this candle has ONLY lower long shadow and no upper shadow -> STRONG TREND STARTING)

When do I exit a trade?
Safe exit: when last HA candle is a doji or it's red (green if short)
Normal exit: when RSI crosses under (over if short) its EMA 9

Better TF: Daily (it can be used also on 1hr and 4hr TF)

Credits to Forex Factory community.
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This strategy backtest is inaccurate, I have run the strategy as coded (which is different than your description) on a more accurate backtester and the results are not comparable. TV enters on the open of the next bar which with Heiken Ashi calculation isnt the real price you will be filled at is my theory why they are so different.
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joeadante3b wpatte15
@wpatte15, yes, and the entry and ext prices change
Shizaru wpatte15
@wpatte15, That's true, I noticed too that TV backtest while using HA aren't correct because it uses open and close of the HA candle instead of the real price
Bwinks Shizaru
@Shizaru, even with version 3? Damn im starting to hate TV :P
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