EP Zenith Indicator

The EP Zenith indicator is an oscillator that indicates the price trend at all times: values ​​above 0 (green color) indicate an uptrend, values ​​below 0 (red color) indicate areas with a downward trend.

It consists of a main line, the horizontal zero line and several average lines.

We will seek purchases when:

1.- The main line rises below zero, approaches the horizontal zero, and at least the LT average (pink) is rising.

2.- The areas where the stockings tend to join from below (stocking turn)

3.- The first moments after their crossing (dispersion averages)

We will also be attentive to the differences between the price and the indicator, being these very effective in detecting trend changes.

For sales, we will take into account the same criteria, but in reverse (approximation to zero with descending averages, turning of averages, dispersion averages, divergences ...)

We will also always take into account: supports and resistances, trend lines , moving averages ...

During an uptrend (indicated by the position of the moving averages) the indicator marks the moments of correction and gives an opportunity to enter the trend.
After a sharp drop, it helps to find the best entry area, if we keep an eye on the spikes of the main line of the indicator, getting higher and higher.

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