Crypto Money Flow Ratio

This indicator shows you the movement of buyers and sellers in the market. Combined with other indicators like Stochastic RSI it can be a very powerful early indicator to buy and exit.

In this example, there are two moving averages applied to the indicator (at the bottom). Once the Fast crosses the Slow and the area is above both - this tells you the major market players are accumulating and you should be looking to long.

In addition, Stochastic RSI is also oversold and Ichimoku shows price above the cloud - all confluence on a long trade. As you can see, in the next hour price rocketed.

This size of move isn't always common, and this move may have been due to news. Even if so, people were aware and started buying and you could see it happen.

Another example here with DASH.

In this example, you can see there was a previous bull move that we applied a fib to and had a 38% retracement. We bought on the indicator cross and ratio above averages with a target of a 38% extension. It hit almost exactly and we closed out.

To apply this to other currencies, change the settings. For example, for ETHUSD - change the setting from BTC to ETH.

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Hi, can I have access please?
can i use four great script?
May I add this to my favorites?
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Can i use the indicator please?
please grant me access
Another example - XBT Futures - was a bit early but the indicator told you to hold and it popped.
If you'd like to use my custom indicator - send 0.01 BTC to 32Hagdtq7PCR4inF4ZPkCReEjyecm2eNaP then email me at with your TradingView username and your transaction ID and I will add you.

Costs are lifetime with full support via email on how to use it.
@alsop, this looks super interesting. Great work. Will be sending payment to your address
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