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This is a very simple script. It displays a message above the latest price. I coded it because I need a constant reminder to keep me from overtrading.

You can customize several options:
- The message text
- How high above the latest price the message is displayed
- How often it is displayed. 1=display constantly, 2=only show it during every other period, 3=only show it every 3rd new period, etc. So, for example, if you are on the 15 minute chart, and set a frequency of 3, it will show it for the first 15 minutes out of every 45.
- Color and lightness. This can be used as an example of how to add a color selection input to your own scripts.

Notas de prensa: By request, I added some highly advanced, complicated new features. Now you can choose the text size, how many bars back from the last bar you want to position the text, and whether it's displayed above, at, or below the price!

Note: by positioning using time instead of bar index, it would be possible to move the text ahead (to the right of) the last bar, but I've found that this gets complicated because you have to account for the time frame of the graph, so I leave this as an exercise for someone else.
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Well, seeing as how this got sent out in the Weekly Digest to however many people, I should give credit where credit is due... I believe I heard "If you don't see an obvious trade, there isn't one" in a video by twitter user @cryptocred. If it was someone else, I apologize.
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Love this!!! Thanks for the share.
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@andu77, you're welcome!
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Good job
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ApopheniaPays Miketinkle
@Miketinkle, Thanks!

1) Can you add an input to increase text size and have options for different sizes?

2) Also maybe it could be placed at different places on the chart like -20 would move it 20 candles back or +20 would place it 20 candles in front
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Haha, this is a good one.
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@wroclai, Thanks!
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