Swinging Karate Monkey Death Crossing PRO

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A variation of the "Swinging Karate Monkey Death Crossing" indicator, aimed to catch longer higher profit trades, but a the same time risks to catch smaller losing trades more often but following the stop loss guide, it should be worth it
Notas de prensa: Added the central channel from SKMDI
Notas de prensa: changed the complimentary EMAs for SMAs
Notas de prensa: Added an extra sma
also now you can find "how to use" vids
on this youtube channel
ill keep updating it doing different kind of assets (crypto, forex, stocks)

If you are trading on bitmex, check this profit and loss calculator

i personally use the indicator on 1h charts for day trading, 2h/4h for swingtrading, for stocks i like to use the daily charts, but thats up to you, find what TF fits better on your trading style

have a happy trading
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hi can i have the accesses on trial basis
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