Tesla Coil

This indicator reads the charts as frequency because the charts are just waves after all. This is an excellent tool for finding "Booms" and detecting dumps. Booms are found when all the frequencies pull under the red 20 line. Dumps are detected when all the lines drag themselves along the 20 line as seen is screenshots below.
Below is another 2 examples of a "boom". Everything sucks in before exploding out.
Below is an example of a dump:
Notas de prensa: Added signals for pos and neg crossover. Added bg coloring. Added alerts for pos/neg crossover and "boom" for when all lines are under 20. Added mirror option.
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WOOOOH BRUH...I know I just left a comment but went and simply viewed your work on a few diff TF and charts (as usual) and had to come
back and report on this publishing. It straight up REEKS of a "potential editors pick" type of odor!!! You gotta warn a brotha beforehand so I can open a window or SOMETHING. I mouth was open and EVERYTHING!!!
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I could SWEAR some mastermind was just talking this exact idea up to me recently ;). Sealed....signed...and delivered. Thanks for this. Ive been in a repeating Christmas morning type scenario since Ive discovered your work.
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veryfid ChasinAlts
@ChasinAlts, haha cheers mate.
Exlant work
veryfid terhaka
@terhaka, Thanks!
I'm getting alerts validated on the graph of 5 minutes and also 1 minute. Profiting big from Biticoin. I am a free TradingView user, would you indicate two more indicators to use with this wonder?
veryfid revendedoranr
@revendedoranr, Hi, I recommend checking out Boom Hunter Pro and Relative Volume (Turn off lsma6 and lsma21 when using 5min charts). EMA Crypto bands can be handy trading crypto. Good Luck
veryfid revendedoranr
@veryfid, what would be Bear Wick, Bull Wick?

Another question about the Tesla Coil project, what are the 4 moving lines, are they moving averages over various periods or another indicator?
veryfid revendedoranr
@revendedoranr, What do you mean by bear wick and bull wick?
Tesla coil uses Cosine IFM, In-phase & quadrature IFM, Robust Cycle Measurement Function (RCM) and the average of all those.