Binary Killer

This Binary Options strategy is for the 1-minute timeframe and utilized the martingale strategy. If it does not win the first one, and there is a signal to re-enter, 2.5x your trade amount and enter. (The most I have seen this strategy lose is four times in a row.) If you follow the signals, you are looking at a very high win percentage (relative term) when you combine the re-entries for the win.

1. Set alerts on ONCE PER BAR, do not set for bar end.
2. Once the alert signals, go to the chart and watch to make sure the signal CLOSES at the end of the candlestick . (While you are doing this you should have your binary options broker up, setting up your trade. Make sure you start your trade small. Nobody ever went broke taking a profit)
3. Set your trade time for 1 minute, enter as soon as the candle CLOSES, and the signal is confirmed. (It will go away if it is not a confirmed entry, DO NOT enter if the signal goes away)
4. If the trade is losing, look for a re-entry signal, enter at the close of the candle. Continue as long as you get signals or until you win.

*Trade this at your own risk, it is a risky strategy, know your limits, and do not overtrade. Get a few wins and get off.

Try not to mess with the settings too much, these are optimized for every forex pair.

This indicator is a combination of Bolinger Bands, Stoch , and RSI methods to ensure the best possible entry.
Notas de prensa: Optimized RSI levels
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