VEST [mcristianrios] Strategy

VEST is the intelectual part of two indicators to enter and exit Long or Short trades with ease.

The core functionality will not be fully explained but why VEST?

  • Volume: There are three configurations base on Volume in order to operate in favor of the market.
  • Ema vs Ema: There are three configurations base on two EMAs crossing each other.
  • Super Trend: If trend goes Long why not? Volume and EMA alone are not enough and it works as a filter to avoid not favorable trades. Factor and ATR Length are configurable.

What else do you I to offer? Oh yeah!

Going with the idea of managing risk VEST can enable up to 7 TP signals. So, if profit pips is 100 at 1:1 and take profit 2.5:1 is enabled we'll have: TP: 250pips and SL: 100pips

What markets can this indicator be used on?

Only Forex.

What time-frames can this indicator be used on?

This indicator can be used from 5 minutes up to 37 minutes.

Does Study Indicator repaint?


-- It should be configured to send alerts Once Per Bar Close

* Besides that the only functionality of the Study Indicator is to send Alerts *

Does the study indicator fill SL Price and TP Price on alerts?

Yes, it certainly does having one alert per Take Profit.

So can I automate this?

Of course yes! And alert messages are set by default to work with TradingConnector.

As a preview suggested configuration for a Long 2.5:1 operation looks like: long tradesymbol={{ticker}} slprice={{plot("SLLong")}} tpprice={{plot("TPLong25")}}


This is not a free to use indicator. Get in touch with me if you would like access to both indicators for a free trial before deciding on a paid access for a period of your choice.

Notas de prensa: There were some little changes in this version:

  • Showing ema vs ema
  • Small fix in third ema vs ema configuration.
  • Changes in default configuration.

Including now background candles that are part of the second script (Study) that is ready be used.
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