Money Tree

Disclaimer Use at your own risk, this is not financial advice!

Based on:
OCC v5.1 by JustUncleL and the Tradeview built in Chop Zone indicator

Merging both the OCC and chopzone allows to filter out some unprofitable trades during choppy times.

You can filter out the zones using the checkboxes in the settings.

Works well on 15min and 30min candles
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I think what is needed to make this even better is a better sell signal. It does miss the recent sales signal at the top of the market with Bitcoin.

I think a divergence on the RSI above 80 would do the trick. I've fumbled my way through this so if there is anyone out there that knows how do check for divergence only above 80 on the RSI that would be great... Please alter and share. Thanks.
@Dozza, Hi Dozza, just tested the strategy. That Chop Zone filtering was very nice!
As you mentioned shorts can get better, but imho the main issue is ema (which is used by Chop Zone), which will cause the indicator repaint.
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