So, I'm playing around with a new fork of Laser Eyes called, "LaserALERT" . It is specifically designed to be used on Discord Severs via alert-conditions and web alerts.
The idea is to reuse the logic of Laser Eyes to create custom alerts such as for the EMA trends, StrongDown,Down,NA,UP,StrongUP.

I got enough for a working demo but its still too buggy and frankly I could use some help from other pinescript devs because I cant get working right...

Ideally it should:
1. Send a message when the market changes from bullish to bearish ...
2. When the market is bullish and there is a strongDOWN and UP trend, it should throw a message and print values displayed in the UI table (EntryPrice,ExitPrice,ExpectedProfit,ExpectedLoss,StopLoss).

Problems I'm running into:
Cant figure out how to use alertconditions with dynamic variables because tradingview requires a string to be a constant instead of a local variable...
Cant display the message via webhooks with just code. You currently have to load the indicator, ADD new alert, then set condition to LaserALERT, then set the alertcondition such as "strong up", then add the webhook URL and json in the message...

If you know how to do this better please DM me and we can setup a time to hack together over discord.


How to use the indicators on your own discord server:
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