Cumulative Volume Trigger

Really great cumulative volume indicator for turning points. Couldn't believe it hasn't been expanded on much. Thanks to andrejsliepinieks for the original of this one. I will continue to build it out. Have added some tweaks and bar colors. Alert can be set for turning points. Blue is probably the best indicator. Eventually will add this to a weighting system of many indicators packed into 1 signal (Part of Tensor Toolbox) that can be used in conjunction with Pinebot.
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nice one. could you tell me what tweaks have been made compared to the original?
Thanks Tom. Looking good.
Is this script available yet?
I couldn't find it on TV.
TensorTom Outback_Explorer
@Outback_Explorer, Yeah. Refresh. It takes a bit for it to show up everywhere.
@TensorTom, looks like a good indicator thanks!
So far I've found that the trigger color change from red to blue/green is a good long signal, and a from green/blue to red is a good sell signal.
Is it possible to set alerts for the trigger's color change?
Outback_Explorer Outback_Explorer
@TensorTom, replying my own question - yes you can set an alert as the trigger's "volume change" but so far I couldn't differentiate between "volume change" from red to green / green to red. I've only managed to get a signal for a change. If you've been more successful please let me know :)
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