QQE signals

Converted the QQE oscillator to in-chart long and short signals with built in alerts. This is multi-timeframe and quite robust.
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Just a shout out to say thank you for the work you have done here!
Hey guys. I found a really effective strategy using this indicator. It has about a 50% win rate and all trades are 1:2 RR. You also need to use a 2nd indicator with this called "ATR Stoploss Lines" by ThomasDParker.

I backtested this strategy 100 trades.

1. On Buy signal, you go short
2. On Sell signal, you go long
3. Place stop loss halfway between the end of the closed candle and the stop loss line from the 2nd indicator (eyeball it). It should be right in the middle of the two. If the candle penetrates above or below the stoploss indicator, then put the stop loss a few pips behind the end of the candlestick.
4. Use 1:2 RR
5. Enter right at the close of the candle

Note: I only backtested this on the 1 hour time frame. it may work better or worse on others.

Example setup:
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colinmck husham75
@husham75, Just add it to your favourites and it can then be added to your chart
Good one, Do you have longer term testing results and can it ill work in Tradingview Pro ?
can i use this on mt4 ?
colinmck poki2427
@poki2427, no idea I'm afraid as I've never looked in to mt4. Could be something to keep me occupied during the lockdown!
Hi colinmck, QQE signal is a great indicator, I'm learning on that,but something I can understand but not sure how to deal with in python.
Could you explain the following script for a little bit
longband := RSIndex > longband and RSIndex > longband ? max(longband, newlongband) : newlongband
shortband := RSIndex < shortband and RSIndex < shortband ? min(shortband, newshortband) : newshortband
AnthonyS999 zhangjielun1994

if ((RSIndex > longband) and (RSIndex > longband ))

longband = max(longband, newlongband)



longband = newlongband

Hope it helps
Really nice indicator. Being free and also with alerts is something I like about it and oh yeah it is quite accurate. My experience with 15m chart is nice with so far.
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