QQE signals

Converted the QQE oscillator to in-chart long and short signals with built in alerts. This is multi-timeframe and quite robust.
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This is one of the ingredients behind my personal indicator script. It's really powerful when used with my chop indicator to avoid flat trades
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IgniteFX colinmck
@colinmck, Which chop indicator are you referring to please mate?
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colinmck IgniteFX
@IgniteFX, haven't published it as a stand-alone tool as yet, but you can see it in action in the screenshot above and within my 5 min scalping tool. Red boxes at the bottom of the screen indicate areas of no trade for the QQE script.
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IgniteFX colinmck
@colinmck, Yeah I see, nice. I'm not a scalper, but your work is intriguing me to have a look. Thanks for the explanation mate.
guntavanuk colinmck
@colinmck, Looking forward to this chopping indicator as well. Keep us posted when you release it.
you have done a fantastic job and i wish i could syncronise a strategy of your indicator with the one i have so far
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can i use this on mt4 ?
colinmck poki2427
@poki2427, no idea I'm afraid as I've never looked in to mt4. Could be something to keep me occupied during the lockdown!
Hi colinmck, QQE signal is a great indicator, I'm learning on that,but something I can understand but not sure how to deal with in python.
Could you explain the following script for a little bit
longband := RSIndex > longband and RSIndex > longband ? max(longband, newlongband) : newlongband
shortband := RSIndex < shortband and RSIndex < shortband ? min(shortband, newshortband) : newshortband
Really nice indicator. Being free and also with alerts is something I like about it and oh yeah it is quite accurate. My experience with 15m chart is nice with so far.
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