This indicator illuminates you by giving you the right signal in the right moment
also comes with 4 Moving average for a better confirmation of the trend
Notas de prensa: Now we have it on a fast response mode xD
Notas de prensa: Now New Version with Volume Divergence Regular and Hidden Signals red&green Triangle&circle H=Hidden
I will post soon full manual how to use the indicator
If u are interest send me msg and i will teach you how to use it .
Notas de prensa: We can see now we have add MA that show us when there its bullish or bearish RSI & MACD Divergence

This empowers all the others signals so you feel more confortable during your trading

Notas de prensa: In This update we have add Big Trend Signal Buy/Sell Setup so u can determinate how big its the next move
enjoy xD
Notas de prensa: Now the indicator has a 3 Signal Fast Slow & Big Trend Momentum
Notas de prensa: If any one like to learn how to make constant profit with this indicator msg me on Telegram i will be glad to help @Millium
Notas de prensa: now we have sync and multiple pac of signals that some times makes the Golden Diamond
If u see the Golden Diamond in your Chart JACKPOT !!! xD
Notas de prensa: Look For the Magic Diamond Check the Picture Example and earn some Cool Diamonds : )
Notas de prensa: Look for Piramidal Formation JACKPOT
Notas de prensa: Now u can see purple triangles that signals WMA CROSS MA
Soon we will be releasing full manual in English & Spanish
Notas de prensa: Final Version Release
2 MACD SIGNAL Slow & Fast
fast Macd signal its a aqua color bar for bull
fast Macd signal its a red color bar for bear ( if u use red candles u must change MAcd fast signal color to be able to identify )
Slow its a triangle white for buy red for sale

U have price and Rsi divergence Bar color Purple for oversold condition and yellow for overbought

Also we have add MA cross signal represent with + X

U can find has well RSI & MACD Hidden divergence and Regular Divergence Signal

Big Risk signal advising when there its a wall or Floor

4 MA turn to EMA

BB%B Signal for Buy & Sale

All u need for a successful Trade in one Bundle

Any Questions let me know if u want to try it or have any questions about it
Notas de prensa: Soon we will provide Strategy Backtest
Notas de prensa: Final Version
Notas de prensa: Trend Strategy update
Notas de prensa: Enjoy
Notas de prensa: highest high lowest low identifier Added
Notas de prensa: WMA & MA Cross Update
Notas de prensa: Enjoy !!
Notas de prensa: Illuminati Manual
Notas de prensa: Price Divergence Line invisible only divergence visible Settings XD
Notas de prensa: MA CRooss Strategy Add now u can modify strategy has u like xD
Notas de prensa: Tittle and Plot Tittles Setup for better understanding of the Settings
Notas de prensa: RISK UPDATE
Notas de prensa: TEMA STRATEGY ADDED
Notas de prensa: Illuminati Combination Strategy added
Triangle down orange Sell
Trangle up Blue Buy
Notas de prensa: Acumulation / Distribution Detection Add

Also indicator signal clean up now its much less noise
les signals but the grate ones
enjoy !!
Notas de prensa: Trend Detector Added
Now much more Effective
More Clean xD
Notas de prensa: xD
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